The aim of the project is the experimental development of a smart aggregator platform that integrates renewable energy sources and different type of consumers, prosumers and producers into the Hungarian electricity system through mathematical optimization based on flexible storage and power plant capacities.

The smart aggregator platform will be set-up based on the installed energy storage capacity in Dunamenti Power Plant, other flexible units, and a multifunctional, automated optimization software platform based on mathematical algorithms. The result of the project is the unique GreenBalance aggregator platform service developed for the integration of renewables, and the Smart Aggregator intelligent optimization platform software product. The spread of renewable energy sources, the reduction of CO2 emissions and the production of energy based on local resources are high priorities both in Hungary (National Energy Strategy 2030), in the European Union (Clean Energy Package) and globally (UNFCCC Paris Convention). All this poses a major challenge to the electricity system, due to the uncertainties of both weather-dependent generators and renewable physical and commercial integration.

Aggregator platforms are innovative solutions whose proliferation can contribute to solve the described issues and can have a complex positive effect on the country's energy supply. Integrating renewable production in a smart aggregator platform, with the most advanced mathematical optimization techniques, is a significant innovation related to the management of weather-dependent production fluctuations. The major innovation in the smart hardware is the use of energy storage technology, which has been rapidly evolving in the past years. The "smart engine" of the platform is an optimization software platform, in which the research aims to develop pioneering mathematical algorithms to optimize flexible capacities and power trading close to real-time. Connected to the Smart Aggregator platform’s optimization module there is a market intelligence module with a near-real-time database, an automated power trading module and a scheduling module. The two members of the consortium involved in the implementation are recognized players in the domestic and Central European energy market. With 794 MW of installed capacity, Dunamenti Power Plant, the leader of the consortium is the largest gas-fired power plant in the Hungarian electricity system. As part of MET Group it has made numerous innovative investments at its site in the recent years. Navitasoft Zrt. (IP Systems Zrt.), member of the consortium, is the market leader in Hungary and in many countries of the region and as an IT development and consulting company specializes in liberalized energy markets. Through customized developments, Navitasoft Zrt. (IP Systems Zrt.) has developed innovative solutions based on the specific needs and expectations of its partners, which, when implemented as proprietary know-how, support optimal resource management, strategic thinking and increased efficiency. The project partners complement each other in terms of infrastructure, human resources, R&D capabilities and experience. Based on their effective cooperation, they will be able to develop innovative services and products that are successful internationally. The Consortium requires a non-refundable grant of 399,280,564 HUF for the development. The total eligible cost of the project is 712,366,303 HUF.