For the purposes of this Privacy Statement “we”, “us” and “Danube Riverside” refer to Dunamenti Erőmű Power Plant Ltd.

Dunamenti Erőmű Power Plant Ltd. is dedicated to protecting the personal data of visitors to the webpage at the URL (henceforth: Webpage).

Please carefully read the following Privacy Statement, which will inform you about the handling of information regarding identifiable personal data and non-identifiable personal data, which you will provide when visiting the Webpage (henceforth: Information).

Dunamenti Erőmű Power Plant Ltd., as the controller, collects and controls the type of information that complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (henceforth: GDPR) and the relevant national data protection legislation in line with the purposes, legal basis and terms outlined in the above regulations and legislations, and forwards this Information to the recipients appointed in this privacy statement and in the privacy statement of Danube Riverside.

Data management

Danube Riverside does not collect identifiable personal data from the Webpages, unless you expressly and intentionally provide them. Whilst browsing our Webpages certain data might be passively recorded. We use tracking technologies (‘cookies’) to collect data regarding the type of browser, operational system, metrics and geographical location, and to find out how visitors are using our Webpage. Recorded data are used anonymously. For more information about cookies, please refer to our Cookie policy.


By clicking the box, you take note of the management of Information performed by us according to this Data Protection Statement and the General Data Management Information.


Danube Riverside provides for the security of your Information through technical and organisational measures. Within this framework we apply up-to-date data storage and security technologies in order to protect your Information from unauthorised access, improper use and publication, unauthorised modification or removal as well as accidental loss. All of our employees and any third parties commissioned by us to manage your Information are obliged to keep the Information you provided confidential.

Access to Information

Should you wish to refresh all Information provided through the Webpage, please send us an email to

If you wish to check the Information you provided through the Webpage, you have the right to access it; in order to do this you have to contact us at the above email address. Regarding rights in connection with the management of Information given through the Webpage by Danube Riverside, please also read the General Data Management Information.

Modifying the Privacy Statement

Danube Riverside retains the right to alter this Privacy Statement, if necessary. The modification of this Privacy Statement is published by being uploaded, and it becomes effective when you take note of it by ticking the box located on the Webpage. You can find more information regarding the data management activities of Danube Riverside in the General Data Management Information.

This Privacy Statement comes into effect on 21st March 2019.