For the purposes of this Cookie policy "we", "us" and "Danube Riverside" means Dunamenti Erőmű Power Plant Ltd. 
As well as the information knowingly provided by you, we collect information regarding the usage of our Webpage by using tracking technologies ('cookies'). 
By using the webpage of Dunamenti Erőmű Power Plant Ltd. you accept the use of cookies and also that they may be stored on your computer/device.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, which contain small amounts of data about what you do while you are visiting the webpage. Cookies are placed on your computer by the page visited. They are widely used in the running and enhancing of webpages so that the owners of the webpage can obtain information. It is common to use cookies on most webpages.

Is anyone else using the information collected through cookies on the webpage of Danube Riverside?

Our webpage might provide services supplied by third parties. These third parties might also use cookies (mainly analytical/performance cookies) that we are unable to control.

Cookies used on the webpage of Danube Riverside

1. The absolutely necessary session cookies help the usability of the webpage by providing its basic functions such as navigation on the webpage or accessing the protected areas of the webpage. Without these cookies (i.e. the cookies generated on the computer when visiting a webpage) the webpage cannot operate properly.



Method of storage*

Time of storage*

Generating the cookie


Storing information in the form of a session-ID, which does not personally identify the user

On the computer/ terminal that is being used to browse the webpage

Until cookies are deleted from the computer/ terminal

When accepting the Cookie policy

Not stored

When visiting the webpage

Details of storage (including whether it is stored or not) depends on the browser and device operated by the user.

2. Performance cookies

Destination of dispatch



 Time of storage

Google Analytics

Cookies that help make web statistics used by the operator of the webpage

Performance cookies do not identify the user itself by allocating a randomly generated number such as a customer identification number. They only provide information about the following:

  • the duration of the visit to the webpage 
  • the internet provider used 
  • rough location (e.g. country and city)

Storage times in use at present and other useful information can be read here  

How can I disable cookies?

If you do not wish to accept cookies, you can change your browser settings. This will automatically disable the storage of cookies or will issue a warning every time the webpage wants to store cookies. 
It will not be possible to disable absolutely necessary cookies as they are stored automatically on your terminal when visiting the webpage. 
If you wish to stop us using cookies, you can make the necessary changes in your browser. Should you want Google Analytics not to analyse your activity on any webpages, you might want to consider disabling Google Analytics cookies when accepting the Cookie policy. 

How can I check which cookies are stored on my computer and how can I delete them?

You can check and delete cookies previously stored on your browser. You can find more information in the help menu of your browser.

Recipient of forwarded data as data manager.

Name of data manager: Across Média Ltd. (headquarters: 1071 Budapest, Városligeti fasor 47-49., registration number: 
01 09 978937, tax number: 14253287-2-42)

What are the consequences if I do not agree to the use of cookies?

There will be no statistics stored on your computer regarding how you use your computer.

Are cookies dangerous?

No, they are not dangerous.

Privacy statement

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